Net worth update per

This is my first net worth update, hence it will be limited. Later updates will contain more details. Please check out my profile here for more information. As of , my net worth was USD 310,000 and my FI portfolio was USD 108,000.

Net worth

USD 310,000

FI portfolio

USD 108,000

I am now 10.8% on my way to achive my FIRE target of USD 1,000,000.

USD 108,000 FIRE target: USD 1,000,000


FI portfolio

My FI portfolio now consists of USD 88,000 (81.5%) in retirement accounts, and USD 20,000 (18.5%) in cash.

How much can I withdraw according to the 4%-rule?

If I quit working today, my monthly pay out would be USD 360 for the rest of my life.

Retire today with (USD)
(4.0% SWR)
(3.5% SWR)
(3.0% SWR)

When can I retire?

FI date

My age


I am currently aiming to save/invest approximately USD 1,380 each month.

Assuming an annual return of 10% on my investments and my retirement accounts, I aim to reach my FIRE target of USD 1,000,000 in 14 years and 11 months, in , and at that time I will be 49 years old.

By that time I will have invested/saved another USD 249,780, while the rest will be return on my existing FI portfolio and the new investments, in total USD 642,220

Financial independence forecast